the next generation caller is now Live!

now you can block calls for desired number of times as well as for specific amount of time along with the most powerful feature ever "Busy Mode"

Our vision


We aim to work keeping your data safe , so no

data breach issues with us.

Our mission


To provide all the neXt generation feature and

excellent performance.

Our philosophy


Our products and services project authenticity in terms of features and design.


Busy Mode

turn on busy mode to block all calls accordingly

Time Block

block person for a specific amount of time

Count Block

block person for desired number of calls

Auto Reply

automatic response to blocked calls except permanently blocked


contacts in whitelist will never be blocked

What we do?

We're a team of young and passionate tech enthusiats . We aim to provide you all the neXt generation features at a single place , keeping your privacy and security our main priority.

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